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Night Collection

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Citterio Meda also means beds of high quality and value, with models like the most romantic Ariel, Moon, Royal and Clarissa, headboards work with the soft, sinuous shapes and welcoming, and other younger and more modern like Astro, with structure available in various colors to match the furnishings of your room according to your taste, Cleo, with a convenient storage shelf behind the headboard attached to the frame with tubular chrome-plated steel, the topical Darch, with head-wire wall panel in quilted, high well-90 cm how they want the latest trends in interior design and minimalist Deex, available in dark brown leather.

Between the two extremes of taste, are at the perfect middle ground between romanticism and modernity, such as Bridge, which combines the softness of the tufted headboard with the square lines of the structure, and still Dream, Sun, Rain, Tender and many other proposals you can find in our stores.

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